Garden State Skate richie blackshaw

Interview and photos by Dakota Caulfield
I first met Richie when I went filming with my friend Scuba Rob. He introduced me to him and I thought he was a cool kid since my friend Rob would hang out with him. We eventually became pretty good skate buddies. All three of us would go out on missions and get stuff done. I later found out that Richie is a very hyper kid that rips every spot he goes to. Most of the photos you are about to see were taken over the course of three days, and there is much more to come from Richie Blackshaw.

D: So Richie, let's start off with a general question and work our way into the goods… How did you first get into skating?
R: I first got into skating because of my cousin always watching him skate around. Then I got my first board and I haven't stopped skating since.

D: What kept you involved in skateboarding? In other words why haven't you stopped yet?
R: Basically I have no life in the easiest words (laughs). I love the feeling I get from it and it keeps me out of trouble mostly.

D: What is it like growing up and still skating in NJ?
R: It's really not as bad as everyone says it is. There is always a ton of spots that aren't too far from each other. No one said they're the best spots to skate, but a crappy spot is better then no spot (laughs).

D: I feel you on that one. What are some of your favorite types of spots to skate?
R: I like to skate a lot of transition spots. Wallrides in that same field but honestly I like to skate anything that I'm feeling at the time.

D: Are there any famous spots of that type that you like in particular?
R: Ehh not really. I like a lot of low key stuff that no one likes to skate.
D: Gotcha. So besides skating, what other hobbies do you have? I've been seeing some flicks up on Facebook that have been looking pretty legit.
R: Thanks man I been shooting a lot of photography. I just ran into it around last November. I've just been having a lot of fun with it and it's something new to learn.

D: Photography is a very fun hobby, it usually sticks with you forever. What's your favorite thing to shoot?
R: I really like doing portraits right now and looking for columns/landscapes and attempting to get better at shooting skate photos (laughs).

D: Nice. It's always fun to go out skating and shoot some photos of your friends. So getting back into skating, who has influenced you the most in skateboarding to keep you trying the hammers you throw down?
R: There's only one person and one thing, Scuba (Rob Orlowski) and Taco Bell. He threatens me if I don't land the trick he wont buy me Taco Bell (laughs).

D: (laughs) And then he makes you buy him food to go filming! It's the circle of life. Why do you like filming with Scuba Rob?
R: (laughs) Scuba and I have been homies for years now. It's always good to go skate with a close friend of yours and it gets you more pumped to actually land tricks in front of your friends, instead of some random filmer or something.
Friends are where it's at, you always get more stoked!

D: Hell yeah! That's what I like to hear. Any shout-outs that you'd like to give?
R: My Mom/Dad/Family, Carlo and Joe from Standard Skateshop for always being there for me and always backing me up. Ipath footwear, Scuba Rob Orlowski, and his Mom for dealing with me during Easy Jersey, Edwin Carrero, Alyssa Gioia, all the Cartericans, Domestics Clothing, Fred Gall, Dakota for hooking this interview up and everyone that has supported me over time you know who you are Thanks!

D: Good stuff man, keep on pushing!